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What We Do… (10/07/2017) – Presentation Folders

Here we show everyone what we do, past or present, from the basic to the bizarre, we hope to give you an understanding of what we have produced and maybe even give you the creative spark needed for your own printed folders or other printed products.

After a long couple of weeks of silence, we are back! (Well I am at least, being the one who was away). After a few weeks of non-normal amounts of work, mostly from out recent web page launch regarding our printed brochures, we are back to normal, this isn’t to say that we are all sitting around relaxing. With the printed booklet side of things cooling down, we are able to refocus on our main products; our printed folders and wallets.

These two clients that we have here both used our online ordering system; the advantages of this is that quoting and payment can be made immediately (there is also an option to receive an invoice instead of card payment if BACs is preferred), as well as all information that you feel is needed (design notes, billing/delivery address) is made clear to us and can help avoid any mistakes that may occur through just emailing your details through; all information we receive through the ordering system is automatically available to us in one place.

So moving onto the jobs we have here, both are our presentation folders, and both have similar product specification. On both, there were minor artwork adjustments our end to make sure that everything looked the best it could. Both were also finished with a gloss laminate to the outside of the folder.
The first one was for First International Real Estate, a Spain based estate agent, they needed something impressive to help or close any deals that they make, so they decided to order our A4+ presentation folders, they provided artwork which had their company colours (and it looked great). But unfortunately we could not offer a free proof due to them being based in Malaga, Spain (a printed proof is available, but we have to charge for international delivery), but thankfully they were happy to trust that we would produce the best possible results that we could from their artwork, and, of course, we did. Then once these went through the usual manufacturing process they were ready to dispatch using the best value courier we could use (based on price, delivery time, and reputation).

Our second presentation folder was for Farnham Eye Care, an optician who needed some folders for all the important medical information they give out to their clients, they wanted something secure without being ugly. So they sent across their artwork, and with a bit of tweaking from ourselves to make sure it looked great, it was sent out for proofing, and a couple of days of thought later (being happy with what they received) they have us to go-ahead for production.

Both of the presentation folders above looked great and hopefully help them to present themselves in a professional manner.

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