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What We Do… (19/06/2017) – Printed Boxes

Here we show everyone what we do, past or present, from the basic to the bizarre, we hope to give you an understanding of what we have produced and maybe even give you the creative spark needed for your own printed folders or other printed products.

Here we have a custom designed printed box for a company called BoagWorks, a user experience designer who helps businesses improve their web and social media presence, and their overall digital strategy. It may be unusual that a digital orientated company will need print work outside of what they could probably print themselves on their desktop printer, but a part of their work involves speaking to the people within these businesses, this is where our printed boxes come in…

They knew that they required their own printed carton, this is so that they had something physical to hand out to their clients (and these boxes, in particular, were to contain information on the benefits of a user-centric culture within businesses).

So they emailed their artwork and the dimensions they required, and we then worked with them to adjust the artwork for their very own custom cutting forme design before then printing a sample, matt laminating it, then hand creased/cut/assembled, to then be posted out. The benefits of the free proof that we offer helps a lot for both ourselves and the client, this is because it allows everyone involved to make sure that what is to be printed is correct, which is especially useful on custom printed boxes where something generally has to go inside of these printed boxes (and the last thing anybody wants is to receive an order of their custom branded boxes and find out that what was destined to be inside them does not fit).

So when they received their proof they were overall happy with the quality, and a slight modification of the cutting forme and artwork later they were happy for us to proceed, so with this we did. they were then printed, matt laminated both sides, die-cut to shape, and then glued and ready for assembly.

Printed Boxes for BoagWorks

So with a great looking product, this will hopefully really help him to make his point to his clients and change the way they think for the digital present and future.

Interested? Get in touch today and let us show you the possibility via your own, completely free, printed proof.

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