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What We Do… (12/06/2017) – Newsletters

Here we show everyone what we do, past or present, from the basic to the bizarre, we hope to give you an understanding of what we have produced and maybe even give you the creative spark needed for your own printed folders or other printed products.

Here we have one of our re-occurring jobs, this a printed 16-page A4 newsletter/brochures for the Peak District Mines Historical Society Ltd (PDMHS for short), this is a society of people with a shared passion for old mines, the methods used, and other geographically related interests. This quarterly newsletter informs all of their subscribers as to the on-goings in the world of the (non-criminal) underground, scheduled meet-ups, book reviews, interesting information, and anything important happening within their community and members.

Of course, largely passion driven and non-profit, they need to keep a razor sharp eye on costs, and this includes all of the printed items that they use us for. Low costs are maintained on this by a black & white print and a 100 gsm paper, saddle-stitched into a printed brochure, that said, we alway try our best to maintain a great quality of print throughout all stages of file preparation, printing, and finishing (although now, printing and finishing is handled by the same machine), something that we find that is generally overlooked on most production line printers (the types where you upload your files and hope that what gets delivered will be acceptable) is that when images that are often stored as RGB or CMYK are converted to greyscale, detail can be easily lost in the darker areas (generally referred to as being “crushed”), this is where whatever program is processing the image determines what colours should be mapped to a shade of grey, this can mean that multiple different colours could be mapped to the same shade of grey, or in the worst cases, completely clipped into a solid black, losing detail in dark areas.

Then, once we have printed one off for a final check, we proceed to print. With basic jobs like this the print and finishing are all handled by the same machine, with a couple of thousand sheets going into one end and out the other we have full printed, collated, folded and stapled brochures (face trimmed so they fold perfectly onto themselves).


These are then boxed up, dispatched, where they are then delivered to their excited readers (alongside a much larger perfect-bound book).

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