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What We Do… (12/05/2016)

Here we show everyone what we do, past or present, from the basic to the bizarre, we hope to give you an understanding of what we have produced and maybe even give you the creative spark needed for your own printed folders or other printed products.

An alternative approach to folders other than our standard folder printing that we do revolve around coloured card, there is usually no actual printing on these; with clients often opting for embossing/debossing, hot foil blocking, or spot UV varnish; these processes can create a stunning alternative to printing, but we will go more into these processes in the future.

Vanguard Card Colour (left to Right): Celestial Blue, Emerald Green, Sunlight Yellow, Violet, Red.

The first thing to note is that coloured card is more expensive, plus as these often need to be shipped from Italy or France (our suppliers do at least) there can be a couple days added onto the total turn-around time. But there’s no denying that even the cheapest of coloured cards can create an extremely impressive result, and the coloured cards that we use, Vanguard or Fedrigoni (both great quality stocks), have a lovely solidity of colour that even the highest end of digital or litho printers can struggle to achieve.

A partial view of Fedrigoni’s colour range.

There are two brands of stocks that we use, one is Vanguard, this is our general/better value option but to say that it is low quality is a mistake. What we used in the image above, this card creates an excellent result and in a range of at least 34 colours, you will be sure to find a colour, or set of colours, to compliment your branding.
The alternative that we use is from Fedrigoni, this is our top of the range option, and whilst not cheap provides a truly stunning result. And with some colours available up to 700+gsm can create a very tough yet beautiful folder.

This isn’t to say that coloured card can just be used for folders, from other examples we have such as cream/sand letterheads, to pure black 580gsm business cards. This type of card will continue to be a great option that creates stunning results.

Interested? Our usual proofing option may not be available, as this type of card is difficult to buy in when single sheets are needed, but get in touch anyway where we can provide examples of what we have done, and if we have the stock available the free proof offer makes its comeback!

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